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Get your dream job: tips from the IT companies


Alexander Westerdahl, HR Director

"To thrive and develop at Spotify, you need to be prepared to adapt and learn in pace with the changing world we live in."


Henrik Dyberg, CTO

"Present how you contribute to the company's journey forward and make it clear how your experiences are relevant."


Ehzon Yazdani, Head of Tech

"Whoever reads your CV wants to feel selected but also hopes to create a win-win situation. The clearer you are with what a 'win' is for you, the greater the probability you have of getting just that."


Constanza Rodriguez, Chief People & Culture

"The most important thing is is to be passionate about what you do. We want people who contribute with new perspectives, dare to challenge and want to be part of our journey to change esports!"

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Not satisfied with the salary?

Argue the right way!

Prepare clear arguments for why you want the salary you request to justify your salary claim. Use concrete examples that demonstrate your knowledge and competence.

Is salary your top prio?

There are plenty of other benefits that might interest you, such as skills development, training, flexible working hours, number of vacation days, training opportunities and free breakfast. how do you values those?

don't sell yourself short

Don’t settle for a too low a level. Instead, leverage the short supply of IT skills. 

… read more about salary negotiations  here