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Rektra makes recruitment easy

1. Specify your need

Specify the requirements for your open positions

2. Get matched

Rektra matches, searches and screens the best candidates. Send contact requests to the candidates you find the most interesting.

3. Hello new collegue!

Get access to the candidate’s contact information upon their accept. Say hello to your new colleague!

45 days* is the average time to recruit though Rektra
*using the Poppis plan

What solution suits you?


Feed in candidate matches though Rektra’s platform. Contact, screen, search and interview the candidates yourself. 

  • Candidate matchning  using Rektra’s algorithm
  • Job ad publiced at

2x monthly salary per recruitment


Reach interested and qualified candidates more quickly. Rektra screens, searches and conduct competence interviews.

  • Candidate matchning  using Rektra’s algorithm
  • Job ad publiced at, Social Media and career sites
  • Success guarantee
  • Copy & storytelling
  • Searching for your specific positions
  • Candidate screening & 1st interview

1x monthly salary per recruitment
3 500 SEK/month


Your strategic recruitment partner. Rektra manages the entire recruitment process and advertise your job to the right target group.

  • Candidate matchning  using Rektra’s algorithm
  • Job ad publiced at, Social Media and career sites
  • Success guarantee
  • Copy & storytelling
  • Searching for your specific positions
  • Candidate screening & initial interview
  • Book an in-depth interview with your hiring manager
  • Employment references  for final candidate
  • Paid digital ads targeting your goal audience


Betala bara vid lyckad rekrytering

Kontakta och träffa kandidater kostnadsfritt. Du betalar 2x månadslönen vid anställning. Pay on delivery, helt enkelt.

What Rektra offers you

Match with tech profiles

Our algorithm matches you with tech profiles that meet your requirements. We have candidates in e.g. in Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, UX, Scrum and Tech Lead.


Rektra exposes your open positions to the candidates that have the correct skills and continiously feeds you with suitable candidates. 


Rektra searches in several candidate networks to constantly reach new tech profiles that meet your requirements.

Paid advertising

Rektra targets daily paid advertising to your target group in order to constantly reach new interested candidates. Every month we reach 10,000+ people.

Ways to improve your candidate inflow

Is Swedish strictly necessary?

Surely you dont code in Swedish. Broaden your search to get in touch with more interested and qualified candidates.

Is remote or hybrid work ok?

Many of our candidates prefer flexible ways of working. Offer hybrid work and be matched with more candidates.

Keep track of Rektras like feature

With the Rektra’s like feature, you get contact details instantly for candidates who have already shown interest in your position. Look out for “<3” and streamline your recruitment process.

Simplify your recruitment


Marcus Söderberg, CEO

"Nvrmind is growing steadily and are constantly looking for great colleagues, but finding them can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Rektra has been an incredible help in matching us with candidates who share our values."

Backend developer


"I got my last job through Rektra. Felt great that I could apply for jobs anonymously and decide my requirements. Very convenient to get offers from employers, instead of the other way around."

UX designer


"Excellent service!  It was a easy create a profile Rektra. Simple flow and clear overview of where in the process you are."

App Developer


"Really good and smooth service! Have used Rektra on two different occasions and they have delivered flawlessly both times. Strongly recommend using Rektra."