Fill your candidate pipeline

Rektra helps you find candidates through AI and marketing. We ensure interest and qualification, and you get candidates ready to proceed in your recruitment process.

How Rektra works

Rektra finds candidates through AI matching on our platform, storytelling on career sites and marketing on social media. Rektra conducts an initial interview. We present candidates who are qualified and interested in an interview with you, after which you take over contact with the candidate.

AI match

Rektra's AI matches you with candidates, automatically and without bias.


Reckta produces digital ads with appealing layouts and compelling copy. We create paid advertising on social media and optimize campaigns towards your specific target audience.

Schedule meetings

Rektra conducts an initial interview to ensure competence and personal alignment with your specific position. Is the match good? Great, then you have a candidate who can proceed directly to your recruitment process.

You're in good company

Do like several other popular employers within tech & IT. Work smarter and only proceed with interested and qualified candidates.

“Nvrmind is growing steadily and are constantly looking for great colleagues, but finding them can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Rektra has been an incredible help in matching us with candidates who share our values.”

– Marcus Söderberg, CEO

“When we work with Rektra, we know that we always get qualified candidates presented efficiently and well. We are always treated personally and with high professionalism in all dialogues with Rektra!”

– Emma Härnqvist, Customer Relationship & Consultant Manager

Fill your candidate pipeline