Rektra challenges traditional Recruitment

For us, it is clear that traditional recruitment is expensive, time-consuming, and boring. The tried-and-true job ad has played its fair share of clichés and superlatives that are rarely effective in reaching the best candidates. The industry must be challenged.

With digital headhunting and automated matching, we do just that, Rektra thinks new. We offer modern recruitment that works, for real.

Rektra is an expert in digital relationships, making us professionals in effective Search, Screening, and Headhunting. We create long-term relationships with and proactively process candidates who are right for your business. You meet the right person, at the right time.

With our tools: AI, Headhunting, and important Employer Branding, we can deliver successful Recruitment. With Rektra’s flexible subscription plan, you can say goodbye to expensive and slow recruitment. With us, you get a lot for your money.

The founders of Rektra are developers, engineers, economists, marketers, and recruiters. We want to shake up and change recruitment processes so that the selection process becomes fair, efficient, and sustainable.

With Rektra at your back, you can say goodbye to time-consuming searches and constant no thanks. Say yes to accurate matches without the hassle and join us towards a nicer job market.

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